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Excel SMS Plugin

It is the only one with practical use and parametric sending feature within Excel.
Send custom SMS to each of your customers, at once.

Customize Your Messages

You can create your messages by selecting columns while sending from your Excel file.

You Don't Have to Quit Excel

You can compose your message text and select the recipients and send it without leaving Excel.

Send SMS to the World

Reach your customers all over the world directly by sending SMS abroad!

Try it Free

You do not pay for the add-on, only the sms you send are charged.

Compatible with Latest Version

You can use it with the latest WHMCS version with the constantly updated plugin.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Earn your customer's trust by notifying your customers about their order status.

What can you do with this plugin?

Dear {{A}} {{B}} Your order with {{C}} has been canceled at your request. Have a nice day.

Dear {{A}} {{B}}, your August subscription fee is {{C}} TL.

Dear {{A}} {{B}}, your appointment at the sick ward at {{C}} has been cancelled.

Dear {{A}} {{B}}, your reservation has been cancelled. Saha Tel : {{C}}

Dear {{A}} owner of the vehicle with license plate. Your vehicle's procedures have been completed. Thank you for choosing us. You can contact us at {{C}} for your comments and suggestions.

Dear {{A}} {{B}}, AUCTION is live!

Dear {{A}} {{B}}, you owe {{C}} TL.

Dear parents, our {{A}} {{B}} student has been absent.

Hello {{A}} {{B}} your order has been received. The amount including shipping is {{C}} TL. You can track your order by clicking on it.